Guardian review of Diving With A Purpose

From Miranda Sawyer in the Guardian:

Just room to mention a sweet feature on the World Service’s The Documentary strand. Diving With a Purpose is about an African American diving club of the same name who search for long-lost slave wrecks. They were trying to find evidence of the Guerrero, a slave ship wrecked in the Florida Keys in 1827: 561 captive Africans were on board; 41 of them drowned. Our presenter was the wonderfully positive Kennedy Lucas, one of the divers. Indeed, every young person we met in the documentary was beautifully upbeat and inspiring, though their task was an exceptionally difficult one. It’s hard to find evidence of the shipwreck, because in the 200 years since, the coral has grown over it. They did their best but found nothing conclusive. No matter. Everything about this documentary was generous and heartwarming, even when the climate crisis was discussed. It’s amazing to me how some Americans can transform setbacks into something hopeful. Like a magic trick. Lovely.