We provide training both to the radio industry (through RIGtrain) and the wider commercial world. Our customers include the global engineering and infrastructure company AECOM, Future Publishing, NBBJ the global architecture and planning company, Stanton Williams architects together with Ben Adams and Sonnemann Toon architects and the anti-corruption charity Transparency International. We are able to offer a number of training scenarios for groups and individuals. We offer audio and video recordings of the training which help clients identify their strengths and weaknesses. We can provide full studio facilities if that is required.

Media Training

We can provide bespoke training for clients who want to feel confident in front of the mic or camera. We thoroughly research the work of an organisation and the kinds of media outings that are likely to arise. Through a series of carefully constructed exercises we put clients through their paces, giving hints on preparation, technique, and message refinement along the way.

“Susan’s approach was perfectly pitched for Transparency International – supportive but challenging.  She had put in a great deal of effort to research the mock interviews, and was full of useful tips.  I’d certainly recommend other NGOs to work with Just Radio for their media training.”

Presentation Training

Speaking at a conference? Pitching for important work? Addressing colleagues and fellow professionals? A message for the website?

We all need to know how to present ourselves with a clear, convincing and appropriate message. Most of us could do with training to do it better – especially in a world crowded with competing voices! Our presentation training has helped organisations and firms that want to raise their profile as well as helping some with troubleshooting in times of change.

“I just want to express my sincere gratitude to you for what was an excellent training course on Friday. The team really enjoyed it, learned so much and fed back how useful they found it to be.”