We also produce podcasts, video, and bespoke audio content for a wide range of clients. Including:


We are very excited to be working with Audible on four new podcast series. More details soon…

The Open University

We are pleased to be a regular supplier of both audio and visual content to the Open University. We work with academics to provide broadcast quality teaching materials. We have produced television documentaries for the Economics department, we have staged short video performances of Aristophanes’ plays for the Classics department, we have filmed in Massachusetts to illustrate course work on the writer Henry Thoreau and have produced rafts of material for the History, Philosophy, Archaeology, Literature and Law departments.

The British Academy

We are delighted to be producing podcasts for the British Academy, starting with their Faith Debates in early spring 2016 – including:

Who cares if Britain isn’t a Christian country?
Does religion do more harm than good?
Is true religion always extremist?

True Stories Told Live

True Stories Told Live is a simple idea. A bunch of people gather in a small room, have a drink and listen to other people telling true stories. It’s not comedy, though it’s allowed to be funny. It’s not educational, but you might learn something. It’s not musical, but we like to include the odd story-telling musician. We ask people not to use notes and expect them to tell stories about themselves. You might even want to have a go at it yourself.