Radio 2: A Birthday Portrait

BBC Radio 2

It’s not often you see them all together – like animals at a safari park you only spot them singly if you’re lucky. But for Radio 2’s birthday those elusive creatures, the Radio 2 DJs and presenters, all herded together in the studio of superstar musician and photographer Bryan Adams.

It was the BIG BIRTHDAY PORTRAIT. How could they resist? How could they be left out? How could they be late?

And we bagged more than just portraits. The photo sessions also turned into an opportunity for the R2 talent, old and new, to reflect on what the station means to them, their memorable moments, their relationship with the audience, their musical mojos. Between hair and make-up this is a refreshing glimpse of the Radio 2 family on a day out, off duty and, to some extent, off guard. More than 20 voices…you’re sure to hear your favourites.

Produced by Susan Marling and Victoria Ferran

Broadcast: 18th August 2017