How Wrestling Saved My Life

BBC Radio 1

A three part podcast series to launch Radio 1’s new documentary podcast ‘Tell It’.

The story of 21 year-old indie wrestler Connor Gregory from Grimsby AKA Scotty Rawk.

When Connor steps into his spandex singlet and bursts out from the curtain as his character Scotty Rawk, his struggle with anxiety and depression is momentarily forgotten. He can feel the weight lift of his shoulders as he performs high flying moves to hundreds of screaming fans.

In the world of indie wrestling, real life stories and choreographed drama often overlap and this podcast follows Connor in and out of the ring over six months. We hear him at home, in training, and get up close and personal backstage before matches.

Connor is one half of a championship-winning tag team, The Rawk ‘N Cole Express. Crowd-favourites in their home town, it’s given Connor confidence, motivation, and a best friend he can always rely on. But when Cole is seriously injured in a hardcore grudge match, Connor makes the difficult decision to go it alone as a singles competitor.

Wrestling is booming right now – not just in Grimsby but all around the UK – and it’s an exciting time to be a part of the professional wrestling scene. Indie promotions are thriving and the world-famous WWE recently opened their first NXT performance centre in London, a proving ground for the next generation of stars.

Produced by Victoria Ferran

Broadcast Date: 14th, 21st and 28th July 2019