Women Pro Surfers : Battling the Waves

BBC World Service

How women surfers fought the jaw-dropping sexism of the 1970s to create the first pro-surf world tour – with surf legend Patti Paniccia.

Today, surfing has equal prize money for men and women, and women are an accepted part of the pro-circuit. Wind the clock back 50 years and things were very different – no wetsuits designed for women, barely a sponsorship deal in sight, (unless you count offers to be raffled off for a date, or as models for edible panties – both turned down! ) and undisguised chauvinism from the male surfing establishment.

Patti reconnects with fellow surfers from the 70s, and examines the legacy the early pros left for today’s surf stars.

Produced by Sara Jane Hall
Broadcast:  December 29th on BBC World Service